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    1. Where can I find downloadable music by Earth Quake? I know two of the members have died. I heard that Beserkley Music catalogue was sold to Rhino Music, but it isn’t listed on the Rhino website. Thought maybe you might know who has the rights to this music now. I am specifically looking for Friday on my Mind, the 7 minute long version on Rocking the World album. It’s not available on iTunes. Thank you.

  2. It’s true. As a certified recording artist I find it a wonderful to be able to share my music with people ALL OVER THE WORLD! It is so much better than having exotic women not talk to me.

    Moose- The Uptones

  3. Moose, I’m not sure you might get avoided by more exotic women, if they knew you wrote and sang “Ridiculous.” That song by the way makes more and more sense each day.

  4. Tell me about it, man…I had no idea! I might need a new phone soon. Strange how ridiculous life is after writing a song called Ridiculous.
    Did I tell you the story about the Norwegians at the cafe in Berkeley?

  5. ReD0nKuloU$! I just listened to the Jackpot comp – nice work guys! Repulsa may rule the world. Sex For Moderns has some of the sickest guitar playing ever. And “Tony Alva” I nearly died laughing, “mutherfuckar” !

  6. dood! my favorite story being told one more time!! the story of reinvention. what a talented mofo you bees. and probably what a happy mofo you also bees to be back in the music. and the music also roxx, which is a definite plus.

    i am in the process of a reinvention myself. still in the law/investigation bizz (37+ yrs) but now starting to work as a life coach/sober coach with lawyers, doctors, execs and mostly indian chiefs (you know the tales about injuns and their likker)

    i live in samo by the sea, so if you’re skankin’ in my ‘hood give shout and i’ll try to come see a show or just have lunch.

    nadine (my ex of 10 years) saw something on the internet and flipped it over to me.

    i’d love to chat more but i’m going back to the tunes!!

    catch ya soon,
    michael lockitch
    (310) 452-7000

  7. Hi,

    I’m looking for the rights of “south american song folk song” of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, we’re post-producing a movie and we need to deal the performance and editing rights. I saw it was part of the Beserkley catalogue…

    Please, if it is not, could you at least re-direct me to the new owner?


  8. Hello
    I want to use it for an inserted song of independent film in Japan, is it possible?

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