The Uptones – Live at Gilman

uptoneslivecrop108Fun Fun Fun is truly proud to make this classic live ska CD available for the first time online.

“Uptones Live” is one of the finest live recordings I’ve ever been involved with.

The Uptones sound engineer, Bobby Bell, found a board tape of the last Uptones show while he was cleaning up his garage. It turned out to be this remarkable recording of an Uptones re-union gig at the infamous punk club 924 Gilman.

The Uptones had already disbanded, and they got back together for this one last show. I polished up the tape from Bobby and edited it down a bit. We then put a cover on the recording, and it’s sold out every pressing.

Hear it!

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2 thoughts on “The Uptones – Live at Gilman”

  1. Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide, got it right when she wrote:

    “The Uptones Live!! 924 Gilman takes only one listen to grasp why the
    group commanded such a rabid following in its hometown, and remained
    such a strong influence on later ska practitioners.”

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