Check Out The Fashion Slaves!

Check Out The Fashion SlavesFilling in for the Foo Fighters at the last minute, Berkeley band The Fashion Slaves performed live at Millard Fillmore Vocational School as part of their Leap Year Day assembly. Michael Rosen was there with his remote recording gear to capture it.

Excerpts from Millard Fillmore Gazette, March 3:

When Principal Rooney announced over the P.A. system that the Leap Year Day’s assembly was moved to the gymnasium, and we had to leave our cell phones in our homeroom, I was sure the “Foo Fighters” rumors were true. I was wrong. It was a rock concert, but no Foo Fighters. A band I’d never heard of was going to perform. The gym was packed. No one wanted to go back to class. So we all stayed for the show. The Fashion Slaves were the performers. Once the Slaves started playing, everyone forgot about The Foo Fighters.

I had never heard of the Fashion Slaves, but now I love them. Emily Jayne is the coolest singer I’ve ever seen, and she plays a mean guitar. The show started with some amazing guitar playing by Eric Din, who is also a member of the Uptones, my favorite Ska band. Emily Jayne and Eric Din are joined by Engine 88 bass player, Eric Knight, and drummer Pete D’Amato from The Agent Deadlies.

All their songs are great, I especially loved the song about Styrofoam. The show was over way too fast. When Emily Jayne closed the show with “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” no one wanted to leave. I can’t wait to see The Fashion Slaves again.

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