The Uptones – “East Bay Orbits”

East Bay OrbitsFun Fun Fun Recordings is very proud to announce the release of The Uptones’ “East Bay Orbits” CD. The album features all of the singers who have ever sung in The Uptones, since their beginnings at Berkeley High School in 1981. Read the full credits at

Hear it:

01. Outback
02. Solar Disco Ball
03. Dead
04. It Takes Money
05. Get Out Of My Way
06. Out To Sea
07. T.V. Guns
08. Ridiculous
09. Bested By Pelicans
10. Burning Sky
11. Goin’ Down!
12. East Of A Western Bay (Live)

You can order the CD directly from the band by clicking here.

Or if you have to have it RIGHT now, by all means, download it from East Bay Orbits - The Uptones.