Stiff Richards

stiffiecdcover108Fun Fun Fun Recordings is proud to announce the digital release of “Stiff Richards” by Stiff Richards. Recorded in one epic weekend which ended with their Cadillac at the bottom of a lake with headlights miraculously still glowing, this is Stiff Richards’ Magnum Opus. Modern Modernity called it a “huge, throbbing record” while the Berkeley Daily Rutabaga gushed, “these boys are destined for destiny.” Banned in several states, you can still buy DRM-free mp3s of this rarity online. Have a listen.

Hear it!

1. Markie Mark
2. Fell In And Out Of Art
3. You Don’t Know Anything
4. Abby
5. My Girlfriend Is A Rock
6. Cold Cold Heart
7. My Friend Josh
8. Hate Parade
9. Funky Generation
10. Lounge Lizard
11. Julian’s Jealous
12. Rude Boy

Own it! Stiff Richards - Stiff Richards

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