2 thoughts on “Sick – D Compose”

  1. when i first heard this cut i instantly fell in love with the subversive feel of the steady, but disjointed, drum track. bedroom producers unite! i don’t know who D COMPOSE is, but he can spin the late night slot at one of my parties anytime he wants.

  2. When I start sketching a track I really don’t know how lost I will get, and I don’t really know what road is going to lead to a finished product. I start with a tempo, a basic drum pattern, and a few samples that I’ve warped beyond recognition. Beyond that I try to make the trip a visceral experience. The day I was in my “zone” layering this song I was, what I would describe as, imploding due to a bout with the flu. The virus is made a larger impact then originally intended. I figure if life gives you a cold, then make a song titled: “Sick.”

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