Sex 4 Moderns

Fun Fun Fun Recordings is proud to announce the legendary Sex 4 Moderns CD is now available at iTunes.  Check out “I’m Frying”

Sex 4 ModernsSex 4 Moderns
“I’m Frying” (mp3)
from “Sex 4 Moderns”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

Hear it!

1. Seed Of Love
2. Swallow
3. I’m Frying
4. Mr. Ed
5. Goodbye
6. Flower
7. Penetrating Love Ray
8. Yonder Shore
9. Candy Dish
10. Stop The Clock
11. Lady Poonany

Own it!

“This recording is one of my all time favorites” …Fake Robert Johnson

1 thought on “Sex 4 Moderns”

  1. Wow, who are you? Good stuff! Some of the lyrics could use a tune-up, but over all this is dynamite stuff.

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