Ridiculous – The Uptones

What a monster song! Moose hits the nail on the head. This is the simplest message song I’ve ever heard. It’s soo right on. Scott Tee and his muted trumpet really set up Moose’s vocals, and Scott’s solo is centerfold material in Trumpet Magazine. The entire band plays their asses off. I predict big things for this song.

18. Ridiculous by The Uptones

Here’s a live video

3 thoughts on “Ridiculous – The Uptones”

  1. I love when a song’s message is simple yet delivered with conviction and, most importantly, style. “Ridiculous” is a clever assessment of the absurdities that make American culture, well, American culture. Backed by the typical upbeat movement we come to expect from all eight members of Berkeley’s original ska band, The Uptones. I concur with MKK, expect today’s MP3 Jackpot Winner to have some legs! Can’t wait to see The Uptones at Slim’s Thursday, headlining KFOG’s Local Scene Night. Keep your eyes on these guys.

  2. Whether we have the time to look at this world in a serene state of meditation or not…the most popular response I have heard, so far, from just about anyone is that it’s ridiculous. So it struck me the world needed a ridiculous song. One day with my band, The Uptones, we all got ridiculous in the studio. Here’s the result. I’m really proud of it.

    Have a listen!

  3. This is one of my favorite songs to play in our live show lately. It’s been a sort of cure for my ills in these redonkuolus times.

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