2 thoughts on “R.A.D.I.O. – Count Slowly and The 4 Twenties”

  1. I’m proud to post my first recording as Count Slowly. R.A.D.I.O is a song expressing my love of the radio. When I was growing up, the height in technology was the combination of the flashlight and the transistor radio. After “lights out” I could continue to read comics and listen to popular music under the covers in the seclusion of my bedroom. Radio has introduced me to most of the music I’ve came to love. This song helps me remember radio when it used to be the teenager’s best friend and a beacon for new music. Greg Kihn produced this track, and members of his band, Dave Carpenter, Steve Wright, and Larry Lynch, kindly sat in on the session.
    It was recorded it at Hyde Street Studios, and originally pressed in virgin olive oil. R.A.D.I.O. sold out its first release.

  2. Matthew King Kaufman, Monster!!! I never heard of Count Slowly before. He’s a real gone cat. “R.A.D.I.O.” is a Smash MP3! And the best part, The Count stands for something, That’s Important!

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