Piñata – Critical Mass feat. The Lazy American

An instant classic, this ebullient party track has all that a bunch of kids or grown up kids could ask for. West Coast ska fans are familiar with Critical Mass’ amazing live show, but few are prepared for this brilliant slab of casiotone-inspired latin ska candy.

8. Piñata by Critical Mass & The Lazy American

3 thoughts on “Piñata – Critical Mass feat. The Lazy American”

  1. Din, this is a total winner MP3. I just love “Piñata”! I think this is a radio hit! I want to see Critical Mass (hopefully with The Lazy American) as soon as I can.

  2. Yeah…I remember Critical Mass. They played that legendary Fillmore show with Undercover ska. The crowd left before Undercover ska went on because they were too tired. Critical Mass was and always will be one of my favorite bands. I wish we could have a reunion show. Haven’t played my bass ever since we broke up…


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