MP3 Jackpot Winners CD Vol. 1 – Compiled by Matthew King Kaufman

mp3jackpotcd-108More than three decades after putting out the seminal Berserkley Chartbusters Vol. 1 compilation – the album that introduced the world at large to power pop heroes like the Rubinoos, Jonathan Richman and Greg Kihn – the label’s founder Matthew King Kaufman is at it again. As an introduction to his new imprint, Fun Fun Fun Recordings, the Bay Area music fixture has put together MP3 Jackpot Winners! Like its vinyl predecessor, this collection neatly reflects the times, pulling together 19 songs from underground acts discovered and championed by the community of users on the free music site, Naturally, the sounds are much more diverse, covering everything from the heavy horn frenzy that heralds The Uptones’ social call to arms, “Ridiculous,” to Opal Book Club’s amazing garage rock tribute to old school skaters, “Tony Alva,” and the Stiff Richards’ classic punk throwback “Fell In and Out of Art” to Repulsa’s howling metal incantation “I Want You Dead.” There’s a lot to discover here and like the people online that were first introduced and became passionate about these songs, you’re bound to walk away with a new favorite band.

-Aidin Vaziri, SF Gate

1. I Want to Kill Everybody by Ed Haynes
2. It Takes Money by  Hobo
3. Penetrating Love Ray by Sex for Moderns
4. Radiation Boy by The Uptones
5. Fell In and Out of Art by Stiff Richards
6. Sick by  D Compose
7. Sex Pig by Repulsa
8. Piñata by Critical Mass & The Lazy American
9. P.M.F. by Black Pole
10. Mr. Ed by Sex for Moderns
11. Fish In a Tree by Hobo
12. Hobbit Love by The Gazillions
13. I Am a Janitor by Surface Music
14. I Want You Dead by Repulsa
15. R.A.D.I.O. by Count Slowly and The 4 Twenties
16. They Cheat, They Steal, They Lie by McBain
17. Meditations from a Father by Subverse
18. Ridiculous by The Uptones
19. Tony Alva by Opal Book Club

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