4 thoughts on “Fish In a Tree – Hobo”

  1. Once Eric Din had written Fish In A Tree, which by the way doesn’t sound like any other song he’s ever written, I knew this song would either be a glorious throw away for the band Hobo or something truly special. Once Eric one-taked the vocal that day at Hyde Street Studio, he made it special. Since then it’s always been one of my favorites. I wish I could bottle this combination of poetry in the lyric, tempo of the song, and vocal quality. Then I’d be able to use it over and over. Oh, what a producer’s dream. Plus good job of recording by Josh Tobias. P.S. There’s a reward for anyone who can explain what this song is about.

    -Matthew King Kaufman

  2. Good find, Godfather of Loud Pop, Matthew King Kaufman @ MP34U. Fish In A Tree is a great MP3. I’m such a sucker for a really well done pop song. Hobo, Hobo, Hobo where did you come up with this gem? I’m going to check you out.

  3. Thanks, seeing as this was an out of body experience, I can’t explain what the song was about exactly, but it was a lot of fun. I sort of followed this lyric and melody around for a couple of weeks, as it wrote itself in a lazy but determined way in the winter of ’92. We were deep into this trippy pop phase and I couldn’t tell where it was going. But when I got into the studio with Hobo rockin’ and Matthew producing and Josh at the dials, it took on a life of its own. What, haven’t you ever seen a tea bag in the sea?

  4. I definately love this song from my great soulmate Eric (Hobo’s original french drummer is talking here…) But don’t listen of course nor read please, it’s useless, like the rest almost.
    The emotion is all. Love. This song is one of my 3 or 4 favorite memories of my american dream band : Hobo. T.Fill.

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